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• Introduction of a newly developed flexible material.

• Can be cut to desired length.
Price -,--- JPY
■ CRYSTALLIZEDTM-Swarovski Elements Color : Crystal
■ Product Configuration
    • Main body : 4 A/C Louver line Stones
      ( 20 CRYSTALLIZEDTM-Swarovski Elements per louver )
    • 1 D.A.D Emblem for AC Louver.
The birth of a totally new luxury interior item.
Cars have always had the same unchanging design for manufacturer A/C louvers. This gorgeous, revolutionary item heightens the sense of quality throughout your instrument panel. The D.A.D Emblem for Louvers, with CRYSTALLIZEDTM-Swarovski Elements , which continue to charm world celebrities with their dazzling glitter. We are sure your heart will race when is gazes at what looks like a treasure chest.
■ A natural looking installation, even from the outside.
Because installation is done from the bottom, it can be done cleanly and without incongruity. By incorporating a newly developed flexible material, the stones can easily be installed on various shaped louvers, from rounded to squared. Simply cut to desired length with a normal pair of scissors or other simple tool. Installation is simple for anyone to do.


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